The proper order


An external enquirer asking for the case: Lord Hamilton v Glasgow Diary Company. “Ooh!”, I thought, “I wonder what that was about. Some salacious case of intrigue and scandal no doubt”…

Found the case. It’s the Glasgow Dairy Company (1933 SC 18). If there’s anything salacious in that I really don’t want to know.

To paraphrase the dearly departed Eric Morecambe, they used all the right letters, just not necessarily in the right order.


A tale of a Government cat — Open Book

The official kitty-cat of Parliament Square!!!

While the exploits of Whitehall Cats – Palmerston and Larry most recently – have been recently making the news, cats in Government employ are nothing new. In fact, here at National Records of Scotland, we have evidence of a feline curiosity – a cat tasked with protecting records more than three centuries ago. The Exchequer […]

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…the horological journals…


I am minded to write a short article for one of the horological journals…

This is an actual quote from an email I received this morning. Gloriously olde-worlde as this is, it was only the second archaically worded email I got today (both from external enquirers). The other regarded a case from 1807… and could have been written by a gentleman of that time!

I love my job.



Stationery fish and the rule of law

So, I’ve long been commenting on the fact that legal publishers seem to embrace the use of copyright-free images for their cover art. This, however, goes beyond. Surely this…thing is the product of some child-art-prodigy. An editors offspring maybe? It looks like a poor sad fish has been skewered by a paperclip.

I’m wracking my brains but I see no connection between stationery fish and the rule of law. Help me out?

41rv2mQ8s-L__SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Reinforcing Rule of Law Oversight in the European Union by Carlos Closa (Editor), Dimitry Kochenov (Editor)

  • Hardcover: 356 pages
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press (13 Oct. 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1107108882



Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas

Nollaig Chridheil and Guid Yule to you!


Bliadhna Mhath Ùr (Happy New Year)

and all the best for 2017

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And finally… “No, I ain’t got a badge”

This story from the Scottish Legal News has nothing to do with anything… except that reading it made me happy  🙂

And finally… roped in

A would-be bike thief was stopped in his tracks after he was caught – by a cowboy.

Robert Borba was in a Walmart car park in Eagle Point, Orgeon when he heard a woman shout that a thief had taken her bike.

Mr Borba, 28, explained: “[She said] ‘Stop him! Stop him! He stole my bike! He stole my bike!’ And I kind of look around and all of a sudden this guy goes whizzing by me on a bicycle.”

But Mr Borba gave chase on his horse and rounded up the suspect with his lasso. “A couple swings and then I threw it at him, just like I would a steer,” he said. “He’s like, ‘What are you doing, man? You got a badge?’ And I’m like, ‘No, I ain’t got a badge,’” Mr Borba added.

Police then turned up and dealt with the suspect. Mr Borba said: “If it was my wife or my little girl, I would hope somebody would help her if I wasn’t around.”

Police said the cowboy asked for his rope back, tipped his hat and rode off into the sunset.


“No, I ain’t got a badge”

The fall of the priests and the rise of the lawyers by Philip R Wood

Here’s another in my occasional series of “Law books which are slightly more exciting than most other law books”:

The fall of the priests and the rise of the lawyers by Philip R Wood
Hart Publishing Ltd, 2016
isbn: 9781509905546

Front Cover

This fast-paced, inspiring and original work proposes that, if religions fade, then secular law provides a much more comprehensive moral regime to govern our lives. Backed by potent and haunting images, it argues that the rule of law is the one universal framework that everyone believes in and that the law is now the most important ideology we have for our survival.

The book concludes with the author’s personal code for a modern way of living to promote the survival of humankind into the future.Vividly written by one of the most important lawyers of our generation, this magisterial and exciting work offers a powerful vision of the role of law in centuries to come and its impact on how we stay alive

Sounds most stirring!

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