Tartan on TV

I have seen the Tartan Register! With my very ane een. It was strangely affecting

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Today, Ross Truslove looks at tartan designs in the Scottish Register of Tartans, which was created by the Scottish Parliament in 2008 as a single independent register to promote and preserve information about historic and contemporary tartans from Scotland and throughout the world…

This design is the MacDuck tartan – recorded with a predecessor of the Scottish Register of Tartans by Walt Disney Enterprises in 1942 and later incorporated into the modern Register.

It was designed for “the ancient MacDuck” clan – best known for the miserly Scrooge MacDuck, who later featured in movies including Mickey’s Christmas Carol, a cartoon that I remember watching with my brother at Christmas over thirty years ago.

It seems strange to say it now but when I was a child, one of the most exciting things about Christmas was the day the television guide arrived at the house.

My brother and I would pore…

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