Coaching – Get expert help and assistance from fellow SWOP members.

Very surprised and gratified to get such a lovely write-up from my SWOP Forum colleagues 🙂

SWOP Forum

SWOP is perfectly placed to help with all kinds of knowledge sharing on a huge range of subjects. I’ll bet that every single SWOP member can offer something different: whether that be advice on setting up an online blog using Word press, getting started on Twitter, setting up an online survey using Survey Monkey or how to use track changes in Microsoft Word!

An example of where Knowledge sharing was used to great effect was just recently when my colleague Edna Stirrat (Collections Officer) at the Scottish Parliament , asked if anyone could help set up a Word press account for a conference she was organising. ‘I know the very person’ I said. This person was fellow SWOP member Jane Condie. I would describe Jane as the ‘go to’ person for digital solutions that can add value to your library and Information Service, and this is because she is an…

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