Prattsburg Free Library – ‘Readers Just Like Me’ program

Here’s a nice idea! Why not send a review of your favourite children’s book to Prattsburg Free Library in America?

Our Readers Just Like Me program will reach out to readers just like you and me from around the world, both near and far, to have them share reviews of some of their favorite children’s books and young adult titles in the hope that you might discover you like their favorite books too. We’ll learn about more than the books though. We’ll learn a little about our reading friends from around the world and a little something about where they live too.

Send your review by email to Prattsburg Free Library book review… or why not follow Maria‘s suggestion?

As a variation to the book review idea we wondered if we could get some postcards from around the world to do an exhibition with.  It can be of your home town, or where you’re on holiday.  What would be really great would be if you could write a quick book review on the back, although I think anything (polite!) you’d like to write about books would be much appreciated.

I’m a big fan of postcards for any purpose so I like that idea.

If you’d like to send a scenic postcard/book review, the address is:

Prattsburg Free Library
PO Box 426
26 Main Street
Prattsburg, NY 14873

As you may surmise from the illustration, one of my favourites is Winnie the Pooh… but there are so many great books. I’ll have to consider for a while. I hope you’ll join in too. Like I said, it’s a really nice idea   🙂

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