Book reviews: books 3 and 4 in the Tiffany Aching sequence

Wintersmith – Terry Pratchett, 2006 [Kindle Edition]
Discworld #35 – Tiffany Aching #3

Tiffany is growing up. She may be a very capable witch …but she’s still a girl – and the land is in her bones. Pratchett’s take on the cycle of the seasons just tickles my pagan heart  🙂

I Shall Wear Midnight – Terry Pratchett, 2010 [Kindle Edition]
Discworld #38 – Tiffany Aching #4

This may be the darkest story in the Tiffany Aching sequence since it comes closest to the way things really are – outside the Discworld that is. Fear turns to hate. Innocents become scapegoats. All very nasty. Even Rob Anybody of the Nac Mac Feegle gets a chance to have some grown up feelings.

The ending seems nice and tidy – like Tiffany’s sequence has come to a close – but reports are that Pratchett’s final book will feature Miss Aching too. So that’s something to look forward to…


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