Book review: The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett

the-wee-free-men-1The Wee Free Men – Terry Pratchett, 2004
(Discworld #30, Tiffany Aching #1)

I re-read this in memory of the author. I chose this one partly on hearing that Terry’s last book will feature Tiffany Aching but mainly because the Tiffany/Feegle stories are my favourites in the Discworld.

I love them for so many reasons. The stories themselves are beautiful and complex. I relate so much to Tiffany, a girl very like I was (I would totally be a witch if I lived on the Discworld). I also relate to her fierce defence of the land she loves.

And speaking of that… The Nac Mac Feegle represent the most respectfully humorous depiction of Scots I’ve ever come across. All of our stereotypical flaws are there but so are our strengths and virtues. I love the Feegles (if I wasn’t a witch I’d want to be a kelda!).

And lastly, I feel at home there on the Chalk with Tiffany. The Feegles remind me of my motherland but the Chalk is reminiscent of Wiltshire where my long lost father came from. All in all, I feel almost as if these books were written just for me.

Terry is gone now but his wonderful books remain. He even left one last Tiffany story… Just for me.

Thank you Mr Pratchett.


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