New project!

As I mentioned before, I recently got involved with the Edinburgh Library And Information Services Agency (ELISA). They happen to have lost their ‘online person’ so I offered my services. I may not be the most tech-savvy but I have some skills and I’m super keen to learn – what better way to do that than via a practical project?

So, over the next few months I’ll be re-vamping the website:

ELISA's site today

ELISA’s site today

It was created using – the sister site to this one – so, although I’ll know my way around, I understand that site requires use of html.  That is the main attraction of this project for me.  I wanted to learn to code and this can be my starting point.

However before I get to that, they want to use this opportunity to rebrand so my first job is to design a new logo.  Here are my first attempts (they’re all variations on the barcode theme the group was using before):

ELISA logo1    ELISA logo5    ELISA logo6

I haven’t quite been able to reproduce the image I had in my head – I don’t have the software – but I like these. So, I’ve circulated them and now I’m waiting for feedback…


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