More than mere junkmail…

This may be the finest, most poetical piece of junk mail I have ever received…

She manages to injure the ego of Shiva by telling him all the society ladies he courted were laughing at him behind his back. The player’s party will support up to four characters at once, along with a Capsule Monster.

It was released as the first single from his eponymous debut album in the first weeks of January 1996. Beautiful view of the Valley of Flowers in August.

Fewer than a hundred German infantrymen managed somehow to escape their fire and made it to the top of the fort on 12 July. Miracles have been witnessed, in many different forms throughout the world and are one of the mainstays of the Catholic beliefs.

During his time in football, he had 8 arthroscopes on his right knee, 3 arthroscopes on his left knee and a medial ligament. Heather Higgins in 2005. And instead of the sleek coupe of 2007, it looks suspiciously similar to a Toyota Prius.

…but I have absolutely no idea what its purpose might be…


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