First World War

Tuesday was the 100th anniversary of Britain’s entry into WW1 – the ‘Great War’ – the ‘war to end all wars’.

Not a day for celebration, in my opinion. Rather a day to feel pity for the obscenely large numbers of young men who died horrible, futile deaths; to feel sadness that this was in fact only the first of many such conflicts; and to feel shame that nearly 100 years of “Remembrance days” have passed without any real lessons ever being learned.

Also, for all the reasons noted above, I am quite sickened by the UK government’s suggestion that 2014 be some sort of year of commemoration – as if the start of a war is reason for celebration!  This anniversary should not be an excuse for flag waving – quite the opposite.

Anyway, that said, here are a few small, tasteful commemorations I’ve noticed (not having sought such things out) from local libraries and museums:


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