Time travel – part 2

I’ve recently spent a lot of time developing and enhancing the SWOP Blog so it can become the group’s primary public site. A major piece of work was building a new home for SWOP’s unique ‘Directory of Official Publications in Scotland‘, then transferring, checking and updating all directory entries from the old website.

I created ‘Events’ listings, added a Tag cloud and Twitter feed – and my recent #happygeek moment was setting up new ‘pages’ and figuring out how to re-direct posts to them via the ‘Category’ function. Such fun! Finally, I added a Welcome page and re-jigged the site to make that the new Home page – all done.



I used the same template/theme for SWOP Blog as I chose for A Very Fine Library. Initially, this was for reasons of expediency (see here) but I’m so happy with the look and functionality of the site that I decided to stick with it.

So pleased am I, in fact, that I started wishing I’d made some ‘before and after’ pics to remind me of the changes. It occurred to me to check whether the Internet Archive WayBackMachine had collected the site in the past…  To my surprise and pleasure I found that it had!

the old look - via WayBackMachine

the old look – via WayBackMachine

It was gratifying to note that, in the past, SWOP Blog had been harvested only 3 times from 2011 to 2013.  Since I started tinkering it’s been captured that many times in just 7 months   🙂

It’s even more gratifying to see that my own little blog is being captured now too!


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