Referendum links

A colleague was at the CILIPS conference the other day, where Iain Macwhirter spoke. Apparently he made the point that libraries are even more important today because the people of Scotland cannot trust the press. They need places to go and find answers for themselves. He feels so strongly about this that he brought it up at a librarianship conference!

Though I obviously agree about the importance of libraries, Scotland’s Referendum on Independence is only 100 days away. People need information now. We only have to open a newspaper or turn on the tv to see the latest pronouncements from Project Fear but where can we go for positive, hopeful arguments from the Yes campaign? Or, at the very least, un-biased coverage? Luckily we have the internet.

Hence, my decision to include some ‘Referendum links‘ on this blog. It is a short list but a good one. Some very important and vibrant sites there – mostly pro-indy – including a couple with links to various other sites. I especially point out the Scottish Parliament Information CentreReferendum Hub: balanced, unbiased and crafted by librarians – what more could you wish for?

…incidentally, was very excited to find @librarians4yes on Twitter   🙂 

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