Yesterday I was searching for an old Statutory Instrument. It was only of local interest – so not re-printed in the official volume… I love this sort of enquiry!

The Urr Navigation Order 1901

I would usually expect to find copies of such items in my Very Fine Library. However, our collection of these local SIs only dates from 1930.  Next step, check the National Archives of Scotland. Their catalogue showed two items that might have been what I wanted but it was uncertain. I passed this info to my enquirer so he could go and look for himself… but this was an unsatisfying result for me. No fun.

These local SIs – by their very nature – are of local interest only (the clue’s in the title). Copies would usually be lodged with local council offices. The problem is, due to multifarious reformations of local government through the decades, old papers of this sort tend to disappear…but it’s always worth a try.

So, I decided to contact the relevant council: Dumfries & Galloway. I spoke to a very nice lady on the phone… who sounded slightly terrified by my request… but said she would look into things and get back to me. While I was awaiting her callback I had another look at the council’s website. I was delighted to find they have an excellent section about their archives, including a catalogue – which said they had a copy of the Urr Navigation Order 1901!

The callback came from one of the very lovely local archivists. He confirmed they do indeed hold the Order – and offered to copy and send it out to me. My Order is in the post. Now that is a satisfying result!

Oh, and the prize for best local council url goes to:


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