I love training courses.  Well, not all of them obviously.  I’ve been to a few unmentionably heinous offerings where I learned nothing and was bored almost to the point of weeping – but good, well presented courses, I can’t get enough of them.

Courses, seminars, ‘breakout sessions’ – anywhere I can gather knowledge and new ideas.  I often come away from them energised and buzzing with plans.  Surprisingly, I very often act on them too.  This blog, for example, was inspired (in a round about way) by a seminar at this year’s BIALL conference.

This morning I was at a fine little course down at Victoria Quay – presented by the ever knowledgeable Scottish Government Library & Information Service.  The course was short but fun and useful.  I’m already plotting to put some of what I learned into action.

A friend claims I’m just “in it for the biscuits” but that is just crazy talk…


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