They say knowledge is power.

Nah.  Knowledge is just data.  A book on a shelf, an idea in your head – if you do nothing with it, knowledge is next to worthless.  Data only has value when it’s passed along – disseminated – when it becomes information.

I’ve known this for as long as I can remember.  As a very little girl I was compelled to communicate any information I gathered.  Every speck, ever crumb of knowledge I gained I had to tell someone about.  I had a child’s sponge-like mind so this was a very trying time for my mother.

Imagine my joy when I realised that people might pay me to do what came as naturally to me as breathing.  I found my calling.

Then the internet burst into the world and people were confronted with more information than they could handle.  Luckily, I found I also had a knack for wrangling these pesky herds of wild data.  The dawn of the Information Age – oh, happy day!

It may seem odd (or perhaps a little sad) to say so, but I do believe I am a natural born Librarian.


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